The Characters

Inquisitor Dmitri Kuperov: The Inquisitor who sent our team on this mission.

Severus: A twenty-four year old Arbite from a Dead Planet. He is an Untouchable, and is of noble birth.

Luck: A privileged rich kid who is not entirely qualified or suited to a career as an Adept, but has ended up on that career path regardless as her parents have pushed her into that career path.

Miranda: A sixteen year old nun (Cleric) who grew up in a monastery. Very short, shy, and bad with people.

Haxtes: A fifty-nine year old Tech Priest. He follows the original teachings of the Mechanicus, and was born on a Space Hulk.

Quintos: You can call him Quint. He’s a Psyker with white hair and a dueling scar on his chin. He was born on a Shrine World.

Zuriel: A Voidborn Adept of an Orbital youth. He is limber, 25 years old, with porcelain skin, flowing black hair, and purple eyes. He likes books.

Cigargent / Sigusmund: A grizzled sergeant sent along with the team by Inquisitor Kuperov. He is highly experienced and has accompanied previous teams on missions. He is permanently smoking a cigar.

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