6 August 2013: A Shootout, a Hospital, and a Priest

Zuriel and Severus brought Luck back to the flat as the sun rose. Upon their arrival, the rest of the group, understandably, had a few questions about what happened. Haxtes showed them the recording from the servo-skull by way of explanation. Because Luck was now injured from her adventure at the club, it was decided that she would join the team heading to the hospital so they could kill two birds with one stone: she would make a good justification for their presence there, and they could get her patched up in the process.

Haxtes, Quintos, and Luck headed off to the hospital, and Zuriel, Severus and Miranda went to the Ecclesiarchy. Team Hospital arrived at the hospital, and sat in the waiting room (Haxtes, being too heavy for a chair, stood) until a nurse approached them. She asked if they were here to visit someone or if they needed help, then saw Luck’s injuries. Haxtes picked up the chair Luck was sitting in with his manipulator mechadendrite and asked the nurse where he should put her. The nurse was confused and alarmed to see him waving Luck around, and told him to put Luck down, so naturally, he dropped her and the chair on the ground, breaking the chair and further injuring Luck. Luck began yelling that she would sue the hospital, and loudly wishing that there was an alternative to this place. The nurse made a note to add the cost of the chair to their bill, and that the tech priest may have been the source of Luck’s injuries. She let them know that the doctor would be with them shortly and left. Haxtes had his servo-skull follow the nurse.

After a brief wait, the nurse returned and called Clarissa Pinkerman (the alias Luck had given her) back. Luck continued to complain about the hospital the whole way, still insisting that there must be something better than this for healthcare. Haxtes and Quintos followed her as her guardians. They were led to a room, and the nurse let them know that Doctor Bliss would be there in just a moment. As soon as she left the room, Haxtes used the terminal there to try to hack into the hospital’s network. He was successful, and was able to look through the patient history. The last person admitted to the hospital was a man named Daniel Shogen, who had arrived in police custody with a gunshot wound, although there was a note that police custody was to be removed due to a military override. He was more interested in the records relating to the miracle healings. These he stored in his brain, noting that most of those who had been healed lived in the poorer areas of the city near the shipping docks. Before he logged off, he deleted the nurse’s note that he might be the source of Luck’s injuries and transferred the cost of the chair to Mr. Shogen’s bill.

The doctor arrived and introduced himself as Dr. Jeremiah Bliss. He checked Luck’s injuries and asked about the nurse’s mention of possible abuse. Luck told him she was not comfortable talking to a male doctor about what had happened, so he told her he would get a female doctor and left. After a few minutes, a female doctor entered and told them her name was Dr. Rebecca Grace. Quintos’s interest was piqued by this, and he asked if she prefers to be called Rebecca or just Becca. She told him Rebecca would be fine. Haxtes informed her that the human female had become injured and required repair. The nurse acknowledged his astute observation, and examined Luck. She patched her up and asked what happened. Luck still was not comfortable discussing it and did not want to go to the police, so Dr. Grace offered to talk to her about what happened with the others out of the room, and when that offer was also declined, gave her a reference to speak to a therapist later. Luck thanked her and told her that her kindness had been a comfort to her, and the doctor remarked that the tech priest must not be much of a comfort. Quintos joked that sometimes you just need a mechadendrite to cry on, and the doctor laughed and showed them out. Once Quintos and Haxtes were out of the room, she handed Luck a card for an arms dealer. She thought it might be a good idea for Luck to be armed. After all, people in this area have been scared lately, and people do terrible things when scared. She told Luck to tell the dealer that Rebecca had sent her.

She asked to speak to Quintos for a moment, and wanted to know why he let Luck go to bars on her own when she’s so immature. He told her that he just met Luck and didn’t know she was going to go off on her own, so there wasn’t much he could have done to stop her. She realized at this point that they were off-worlders and advised them to stay away from the lower districts on the east side. There have been a lot of fanatics in that area, and last night there was a shootout in that part of town. The doctor suspected that Luck had been involved.

The three left the hospital, and saw three naval officers escorting the one-legged Daniel Shogen from the hospital. He glanced over and, noticing Luck, shouted, “Hey! That’s the bitch who got my leg!” One of the others asked “Are you sure, Danny?” and he confirmed that she was the one who had been at the club. Haxtes could see from his servo-skull that they were reaching for their weapons, so he pointed his las gun at them and told them to stop in the name of the Omnisiah. They raised their hands and asked if he knew that it’s a crime to threaten Imperial Officers. Haxtes acknowledged that was true, but countered that it is also a crime to threaten a tech priest of the Omnisiah.

He raised an alarm with his servo-skull, and the naval officers decided that it wasn’t worth it to get into a fight at the hospital. They took Danny to the car and left, saying that they would see Luck and the team later. Haxtes put away his gun and headed down the street to where a police officer was getting out of his car. The officer demanded to know why Haxtes had pulled a gun in front of a hospital, and by way of explanation, he played the video of what happened from the servo-skull, showing that the officers had been reaching for their weapons first. He then played the video from the night before at the club to give more context to the situation. The officer took down Daniel Shogen’s name and told them that he would make sure they got him off the streets. With that, the team from the hospital headed home.

While all this was happening, Zuriel, Severus, and Miranda were at the Ecclesiarchy. Before they headed out, they asked Cigargent about their contact there. His name was Father Zachariah, and Cigargent had known him for years. Father Zachariah was a no-nonsense former guard. Cigargent gave the group headed to the Ecclesiarchy a Terran cigar, telling them to be careful with it because it is “quality shit”. They would Father Zachariah the cigar so that he would know they had been sent by the Inquisitor. With the information and the cigar, the team headed to the church.

They arrived as a service was ending, and were greeted by a friar. He asked if they were there looking for someone, or if they needed somewhere quiet to contemplate. They told him they were looking for Father Zachariah, and the friar asked them to wait while he rests after the service, but the Father would be happy to speak with them. While they waited, Mirada prayed and lit votive candles at the saints’ shrines. They waited for about twenty minutes, then a seventy year old, six foot tall man in an impressive robe approached them.

Zuriel gave him the cigar Cigargent had given them, and the Father was surprised and pleased to see the gift. He explained that it was Terran, and that he had been trying to figure out where the Inquisitor was getting them for years. He had tried asking Cigargent (who hates being called that, and is only tolerating it because the Inquisitor won’t let him kill them), but could never get a straight answer.

He led us to his personal quarters in a separate building, and asked Zuriel to hand him a rosewood box next to the desk. From the box he removed a cigar cutter which he used on the cigar. There was a bit more small talk before he told us what he knew about the situation with the healer. Apparently, about six months ago rumors began spreading of a healer named Becca. The Father does not know where to find her, as none of his contacts have actually seen her. They do know who some of her followers are, however. Avis Sinclair is one of the lieutenants in the group of followers who call themselves The Companions. They view themselves as the protectors of a new saint. As for Becca herself, all that is known for certain is that she is young, she is not from this world, and she is very talented.

The reason her description is so vague is simple: everyone has described her differently. One man described a young, blonde, pale woman healing him, while another described a black woman. Others who were healed had completely different descriptions. The only characteristic that remained the same across all the descriptions was her eyes: they were consistently described as bright yellow, almost gold, like a wolf’s eyes. Because of her constantly changing appearance, it was possible that she might be a psyker or a mutant.

Father Zachariah told us that the people who had been healed were consistently those who lived in the workers’ districts, the poor, run-down east side of the city near the seaport. That part of town had been ruined economically when the spaceport opened. He gave the group a list of names, addresses, and the nature of the wounds healed for each of the people he knew of. He told them he would stay in contact with them, and asked them to find out where Dmitri gets his cigars.

Zuriel, Severus, and Miranda headed back to flat 118 and the whole team discussed what they had learned. After everyone was filled in, Zuriel asked about the cigars. Cigargent was amused that Father Zachariah was still wondering about that, and told us where they came from. The Inquisitor owns a plantation on Luna, at the orbital defense station. Each cigar is worth 10,000 gelt, but since the Inquisitor has plenty of money he does not mind giving so many of them to Cigargent.

The group decided to rest and prepare to investigate the east side of town the next day. There was one dissenting voice: Luck. She wanted to go out at night because “everything happens at night”, and they were losing valuable research time by staying in. Severus countered that if she does things during the day, things will happen in the day, too. Haxtes stood in front of the door to prevent her from leaving.

Zuriel read through the documents Father Zachariah gave him, and Miranda joined him to ask if he had found anything useful. He had noticed that the people who had been healed were often easily malleable targets such as drug addicts. These people were looking for someone to save them, and it seemed they had found that in Becca.

In the morning, the whole group (except Cigargent) headed to the workers’ district. They could smell the coast, which was overwhelming to Zuriel who had never smelled it before. The place looked like it had seen better days. They went straight to Avis’s address, and on the way, Haxtes decided to fix flickering lights. He went into the basement of one building and used percussive maintenance to accomplish this. When they arrived at Avis Sinclair’s address, they knocked on the door and Haxtes announced them as “hookers and blow”. The man inside answered that they must be ugly hookers, then, so the others told him they had a few questions.

At this, the man decided to flee through the window, and jumped on a neighboring rooftop. Haxtes tried to grab him with his mechadendrite and missed, Severus tried to shoot him, and Quintos tried to set him on fire. After all of them failed, Severus and Miranda gave chase. Miranda misjudged the distance to the next rooftop and fell, so Haxtes caught her and tossed her onto the roof. While they chased the man, Haxtes shot at him and successfully hit his leg, melting part of his thigh. Severus moved to tackle him, and the man shot at his left leg, glancing it but not seriously injuring him. Severus grappled with him and was able to get him to the ground, knocking his pistol away. Severus and Avus took him down to the street through the building they were on.

Once everyone was back on the street, they stood outside the truck talking to the man they had captured. He was uncooperative, believing that it would have been stupid not to jump out the window when they told him they had questions for him. Quintos was irritated with the man’s unwillingness to cooperate, and showed him his tattoo branding him as a psyker, whispering in his ear that he would light him on fire. All the while, Miranda kept suggesting that they take the man back to flat 118 to ask him questions, as there was a crowd gathering. Haxtes finally agreed with her, and the rest of the group conceded that might be a good idea. Haxtes restrained the man in the back of the truck, and the group headed back to the flat.

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