23 July 2013: It Begins

We begin on a cruiser called the Seeker of the Damned. We were brought into a conference room with a round table in the center. The table had seven seats, and we each had one labeled for us. We noticed an orange glow in the corner as we take our seats.

Once we were all seated,  the door to the side of the room opened and a well dressed man walked in and introduced himself as Inquisitor Dmitri Kuperov. He greeted us and explained why we were there, and what our assignment is.

We’re being sent to the Sinofian System, specifically the main space port of Drelia. We’ll be investigating claims that there is a miracle healer at this port. Our assignment is to determine her legitimacy, and find out if she is an unsanctioned psyker. We asked Inquisitor Kuperov a few questions to have more context for our investigation. The information we have starting off is this: Her name is Becca. She has something of a following, and the Inquisitor believes that they will put up resistance to our investigation. They believe her to be some sort of prophet. The incident which brought the healer Becca to the Inquisition’s attention was fairly recent. There was a shipping accident in which one of the cargo servitors went berserk and ripped off a man’s arm. The man’s arm was reattached by the healer.

As we are all new acolytes, the Inquisitor is not sending us alone. He is sending one of his more experienced acolytes, Sigusmund Harris, to assist and advise us. From the shadowy corner where we noticed the orange glow upon entering, a man emerged. He had a cigar in his mouth, and did not remove it to speak. The Inquisitor told us that he is affectionately known as “Cigargent”, although he immediately objected to the nickname.

He told us the name of the city where Becca has been reported to operate: Dario’s Landing. Cigargent will be our main source of help on this mission, as our Inquisitor has other matters to attend to: there is an arms dealer specializing in Tau weapons which he has been trying to track down. We are to report to him with any updates on this mission, and anything else we may uncover, but he will not necessarily respond to our reports immediately as he will be busy.

We were still in transit, and would be traveling through the warp for about a week. In the meantime, Luck enjoyed the forest in the oxygen chamber, Zuriel caught up on reading in the library, and Haxtes built a robo-dog with sufficiently floppy ears.

During this week, there was only one incident of note: Luck and Miranda tried to cook dinner, and Miranda, being from a monastery where only wood-burning stoves are used, managed to set dessert on fire. Haxtes put the fire out promptly, but Miranda spent the rest of dinner sulking about her mistake. Severus decided that he wanted to eat in the ventilation ducts, which Luck objected to. She attempted to stop him, but he managed to get past her, although he spilled most of the food in the process. While eating in the ducts, Severus made a snide remark about Miranda’s mistake, and she tried to knock him out of the vent with her staff.

This turned out to be a mistake. Miranda misjudged her strength, and the staff punched a hole straight through the shaft, hitting the control panel which set the ventilation system to suck all of the oxygen out of the chamber, a feature which would be very effective for its intended purpose (putting out fires), but which was now endangering the lives of everyone who had been eating dinner. Severus managed to escape the duct, and he and the others, except for Zuriel and Quintos, all realized the danger and fled the room. Zuriel was so engulfed in the book he was reading that he doesn’t notice anything was wrong until he began having difficulty breathing, and Quintos had zoned out. None of the others noticed that those two had not made it out, but as soon as Quintos realized something was wrong, he and Zuriel fled the room as well.

Zuriel was so disturbed by the fact that no one had attempted to save him during this incident that he immediately fled to his room. Haxtes went to work fixing the control panel so that the room would be re-oxygenated. Miranda spent the rest of the voyage sulking.

The rest of the week went by, and eventually we left the warp and landed on Drelia. Next session will pick up from here.

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