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Due to the sudden and unexpected destruction of my car this past Friday, we will not be having game this Tuesday. Neither the Prophet or I were seriously injured in the accident (the Prophet may have a mild concussion), but I need to spend Tuesday getting an estimate on the damage to my car and calling basically everyone.

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20 Aug 2013: An Interrogation and Plans with the Rangers

The police arrived on the scene. Severus rode with the officers to the station and the others took the truck to meet them there. Officer Sven tried to explain his call to them by telling them there had been “some punk impersonating an Adeptus Arbite”, but Severus continued to insist he was an Arbite. They arrived at the station and were taken to a conference room where Sven spoke to them alone. He wanted to know why the Inquisition was involved on this planet.

The team had questions of their own for him, mainly, where Becca was. The police didn’t know, but Sven told them that they thought she was toward the west, the Companions have a base in the ruins. They asked him where they can find the Companions, and he told them they have been hanging around homeless shelters and places where the needy gather. There are two styles in their group: actual fanatics who worship Becca, and run-of-the-mill criminals trying to profit from the situation.

Sven had a few theories about who their attackers might have been: either they were from Zhetomir, or they were Companions. He mentioned that the police have a lead on one of the Companions’ contacts in the police force. The companions have been hitting places that only the undercover officers know about , so they must have a mole. Sven gave Quintos a radio so that they can keep in contact on a frequency that only he uses, 9776.7.

He advised the team to be careful if they do head west to find the Companions, and to wear radiation suits. There is leftover radiation from the war there. He mentioned that the only ones with maps of the radiation hotspots would be Rangers, but he did not know how to contact them. Luck asked him if he could give the team radiation suits, and he told her he could get them for everyone but Haxtes, who is too big for a normal suit. He had an officer load radiation suits to their truck claiming it was a donation to a Ranger group.

They took their captive from the shootout and went home, arriving as Miranda was walking in. Haxtes carried the crate in, and Luck and Zuriel pushed the prisoner into the flat. As they walked past the doorman, he looked up, commented that they must have had a fun night, and went back to his crossword. They took their prisoner to the flat and dumped him in the closet while they discussed what they had learned in their investigations. They formulated a plan to meet up with the rangers to get them to take the team into the military base they’re going to in the mountains.

Severus examined the prisoner and found a print out with Officer Sven’s address and a picture of him that looked like it came from police records. He also found a medallion with a white hand on it, which Miranda identified as the symbol of the Companions. Everyone went to bed, leaving their prisoner tied up in the closet until morning.

It was decided, for some reason, to interrogate the prisoner in Zuriel’s room. Luck led the interrogation. She tried to play the good cop, but he viewed the team as heathens, claiming that only fire cleanses, and either people were born here or they must be purged. He said that the team was tainted, and Becca purifies. Zuriel noticed that he had a concussion from the way he spoke, which was unsurprising as he had had teeth knocked out the night before.

Quintos asked the others to leave the room, and everyone but Miranda left. She stayed because he didn’t explain why he wanted them to leave and she was suspicious of what he planned to do. He used his psychic ability to make it appear that he was engulfed in golden flames. Miranda screamed and ran out the door, telling everyone he was on fire. Meanwhile, the prisoner began screaming bloody murder. Quintos asked him, “Isn’t this what you wanted? You wanted purity.”

“No! Demon! Suffer not the heretic to live!” shouted the captive, and when Quintos laid his fiery hand onto his forehead, he fainted. The others came back in, and Severus woke him up by poking the prisoner with his own knife. The prisoner spat on Severus, and Severus put his hand over the man’s mouth and punched him in the face. The prisoner muttered “All the heretics and demons will be burned away in the fires in redemption,” and bit down on the cyanide tablet he had in his mouth, saying he was going to join his prophet. Unfortunately for him, the tablet needed a second ingredient which had been knocked out when he lost his teeth earlier, so he did not die, and was instead severely brain damaged.

He woke up thinking the team was a group of demons, and began talking again of how Drelia would be purged of all filth (outsiders) and would be pure again. Severus suggested they just Exterminatus the planet, if the man would not give us useful information. Since the man did not take it seriously, Miranda asked Cigargent to contact the Inquisitor and tell him to prepare to destroy this planet if the man would not talk, and explained to him that was the choice he would be making if he did not help: if he was uncooperative, the planet would not be  pure, it would just be gone.

This got him talking, and he told them that the man they have inside the police was Inspector Riley Shaw. He was the leader of the Companions in this city. There are more in Zhetomir, and to the west. Only the chosen get to see Becca’s home, though, so he does not know where she lives. He tried to stab himself on Severus’s outstretched knife so he wouldn’t have to say more, but Severus stopped him by kicking him in the face. He then told them that the money the Companions are gathering is to buy weapons for a revolution to unite Drelia. The went after Sven because he found evidence and they needed to find out what he knew and kill him. He had evidence from one of the raids, the police had found an encrypted data slate. The prisoner then begged to be killed, because he had betrayed his cause. Cigargent broke his neck and told Severus to use hydrochloric acid in the bathtub to destroy the body, and Severus enthusiastically complied.

Zuriel called Officer Sven to let him know that others would be coming after him, and to tell him what we had learned about Inspector Shaw. Sven told him that Shaw is second in command of the 17th district, and has been indicted on numerous corruption charges, but the charges are always dropped. He gave Zuriel Shaw’s home address, the police can’t touch him but the Inquisition could pay him a visit.

With that done, Luck tried to open the crate of radiation suits. She was unable to do so, so Zuriel tried as well and also failed. Finally Miranda gave it a shot, and easily opened the crate. Inside were 10 bright yellow radiation suits with gas masks. Miranda and Zuriel were heading out to find the rangers and ask to accompany them to the ruins, but before they left Miranda suggested that luck dye the radiation suits in camouflage colors to keep her out of trouble. Luck declined, preferring to be destructive instead. Luck decided to go to the bad part of town to speak to the arms dealer Dr. Rebecca had recommended. Cigargent went with her.

Miranda and Zuriel went to the homeless shelter to speak to the rangers, and on the way made sure they were clear on their story for why they wanted to join them on their expedition to the ruins. Zuriel would claim to be an archaeologist named Professor Henry Jones who is interested in documenting the rangers’ discoveries. His accounts would focus on their experiences and history, as the rangers are not as appreciated and respected as they would like.

When they arrived at the shelter, the nun led them to Artyom’s group where they were eating in the garden. They were pleased to see “Allison” again. She introduced Professor Jones and explained that he would like to accompany them on their expedition into the mountains. They were happy to have the company and liked the idea of his book, but asked if the professor had ever been inside a hot zone. He admitted he had not, and when asked if he had ever needed to shoot a man or harm someone, he again admitted he had never been in that situation. They explained that their destination is dangerous, especially given what it is: an old military base deep inside the mountains. It is Section D7, an infamous repository for weapons that should not be around. Atomic, chemical, biological… all sorts of things that should not fall into the hands of a greedy city-state, fanatics, or anyone else stupid enough to use them.

Zuriel told them he would not be opposed to using his weapons if necessary, and asked if they would be willing to allow his colleagues to join them. They agreed, they were always happy to have extra companions and firearms. They asked if Allison would also be joining them, and she said yes. They told the two that they would not need any sort of compensation as this is what they do and they were glad to have company.

The rangers were planning to head out in two days, they needed to visit a friend on the east side of the city to restock on munitions, demolition charges, and ammo for their RPG first. The RPG was for local wildlife that was too large for small arms. They agreed to meet up at a weigh station just outside the city to the west. They would be walking most of the way, through thick forests, because the radiation interfered with the electronics in vehicles. With plans made for their expedition, Miranda and Zuriel headed back to the flat.

13 Aug. 2013: Venison, Volunteer Work, and Door-to-Door Cult Application

The team set out from the east side of town in the truck with the alleged Avis Sinclair tied up in the back. Quintos tried to conceal the destination by taking a different route than we took there, and in the process got so lost that Luck and Severus had to help navigate. It was decided that it might be best to just take the prisoner out to the woods to interrogate him, since they were close to the forest by that point anyway. They arrived at the forest and exited the truck, and Zuriel was promptly traumatized by a nearby deer.

Haxtes held up the prisoner to interrogate, and there was a pause while they tried to decide who was actually going to lead this interrogation. While they were determining this, Miranda did have one question for the prisoner: what was his name? As soon as he was un-gaged, he told the group that his name was Charlie Corgan, and he was a dock worker. Quintos asked if he had any proof of this, and the man cited the identification papers in his pocket as evidence. When the team realized he was probably telling the truth, they asked why he ran when they knocked on the door. Apparently, they sounded like a cop who he owed money to. Whenever people came to ask questions he would end up shoved against a wall with a pistol in his mouth and his money taken from him. He did know Avis Sinclair, however: he rented from him. The apartment was Avis’s, but he had been away for a while. Avis’s “lady friend” helped Charlie out with his broken arm a while ago. This piqued the team’s interest, and they asked how people contact her. However, Charlie told them that “she comes to people, they don’t contact her. She hears about injuries and shows up.” When she healed him, she laid her hand on his arm and it just snapped into place.

The team asked why he didn’t join the Companions, but the Companions did not want people like him. He was a dealer. The team convinced him to write a note to Avis that he was injured for them to leave with his rent. He just wanted to leave this planet. That statement inspired Haxtes to call Cigargent to see about having Charlie put in a “witness protection program”. The program would amount to shoving him on a shuttle to Severus Secundis, a mining world with a slave-based economy, but it would still be better than killing him as they had been planning. Cigargent agreed, and also mentioned to Haxtes that they were all over the news because of the shootout at this point.

Charlie wrote a note that “Some crazy people shot me, can Becca come heal me? Also, can you please tell Riley to stop shaking me down”. The team had him rewrite the note without the last part because it might have been some sort of code. He told them that rent was due in 3 days and would be 300 gelt. He typically was shaken down for the rest of his money 2-3 days later.

Before they left, Haxtes built Charlie an articulated brace for his leg out of sticks and stones, and Quint set the deer that upset Zuriel on fire. The now-panicked deer charged Severus, who applied his “grab life by the horns” philosophy inappropriately to the situation and grabbed the deer by the horns. He was promptly engulfed in flames, so Haxtes, who had taken to carrying a fire extinguisher with him, put the fire out. The deer died and Severus lost his eyebrows and got frostbite from the fire extinguisher. Quintos brought the deer home with them, so they had venison for dinner.

They headed home, and Haxtes decided to have them drop him off at the Mechanicus Temple on the way. Miranda decided to go volunteer at a homeless shelter during dinner and Severus decided to try to join the cult of Becca by going door-to-door. The others stayed in for the night.

At the homeless shelter, Miranda asked a nun in charge if there was anything she could do, and was given the job of serving dinner to the many people who had come there for shelter and food. She used this as an opportunity to speak to them and get more information and potentially useful contacts. One group of guests stood out to her as they were all wearing the same uniforms. She asked them about their uniforms and what they did, and learned that they were a group of rangers that go into abandoned cities and find old technology to give to the Mechanicus. The leader introduced himself as Artyom, and she told him her name was Alison. He mentioned that tensions were high lately, partly due to rumors that the Red Line council of the neighboring city Zhitomir had found a cache of atomics. Miranda was curious about that city, he told her it was about 3 days away by horse. There were other sources of tension as well, though. For instance, there were off-worlders bringing up strange ideas. There were a bunch of religious fanatics in this city united by some sort of healer who says she can unite the cities. However, their definition of “uniting” is a bit too bloody for Artyoms taste. He told her that his group of rangers was passing through on their way to mountains to the west, to explore and see if there is anything too dangerous there and to give it to the proper authorities.

She excused herself and served the other patrons for a few more hours, until it had mostly died down. When most of the others had left, she noticed a man with a face that looked young on the left and old on the right. She went over and asked if he needed anything, and he asked for water. On her way back she tried to think of a way to start a conversation without offending him. When she brought it to him, she settled on blurting out “What kind of lotion do you use on the left side of your face, it looks amazing!” He started laughing, and told her he had expected her to ask, but that was too funny for him to be annoyed. He asked her to sit and they spoke for a while. He told her he had been disfigured in a fire years ago when he lost his family. A few weeks ago a short blond woman healed him, she touched his face and her hands glowed blue with her bones showing through. It hurt growing in, though, as it was all new skin growing in gradually. Miranda asked him if he thought she was the same woman from the rumors, and he confirmed it. He didn’t think she was a saint, though, just a healer. The Companions certainly weren’t saints. They had been shaking down the people she’d healed down for money, and hung around in places like the homeless shelter recruiting. They seemed to be raising money for something. Miranda asked him how she would meet the companions, and he told her that she could either keep hanging out in homeless shelters or find them by the emblem they wear: a white hand with snakes wrapped around a scepter and an open eye at the top. Miranda noticed it was getting late and she should head home, she introduced herself as Alison and he told her his name was George.

Meanwhile at flat 118, Luck watched Space Reality TV.

Severus had more ambitious plans, and was trying to join a cult. The plan he had concocted brings to mind the idea of a confused Jehovah’s Witness: he went door to door, asking people to tell him about their religion in the hopes of joining. More specifically, he was going to the homes of those who had been healed about Becca. Dinner time may not have been the best time to do this, however, and he was made aware of this at the first door he arrived at. Kaylee Smith was rather confused to have her dinner interrupted by the man who enthusiastically introduced himself as “Sven”. Severus told her he was trying to contact a woman named Becca and that he needed information from Kaylee to help him find her, because Kaylee had met her. He claimed to be a member of the Adeptus Arbites and showed her his fake badge as evidence when she questioned why she she should tell him anything. She told him that she does not know how to contact Becca, she didn’t even know who she was when she healed her. She was in the hospital for kidney stones when “some random black lady” came up to her and laid her hands on her stomach. Suddenly the kidney stones were gone.

Severus moved on to the next house, which belonged to another person from his list, Gerald. He introduced himself as Sven again, and wanted to know if Gerald would assist him in making contact with Becca. Gerald wanted to know how “Sven” got his address. However, as he had said earlier, he is Sven. Gerald could not argue with that fact but still wanted to know how he knew his address and why he should have been expected to tell him anything. Severus told him he was a member of the Adeptus Arbites, but this was just a personal trip, he wants to thank her. Gerald didn’t have much information for him.

He moved onto the next door, and once again introduced himself as Sven. the man who answered the door was surprised, and told him that he is also Sven. Severus-Sven told Sven that he was looking for Becca, and because Sven was healed by her, can he help Severus-Sven find her? Sven asked for his badge, and Severus-Sven was happy to hand it to him, explaining that he was a member of the Adeptus Arbites. Sven took it and after examining it for a few moments observed that it was a fake. He asked Severus-Sven if he was aware that he was walking around with a fake ID, and Severus-Sven replied “And? I wouldn’t be carrying it if I wasn’t.”

“Do you know that it’s a felony to forge an Imperial ID? You can go to jail for that.”

Severus was not particularly concerned, and replied “No, I won’t. But if you can’t assist, I’ll be on my way.”

Sven hurriedly assured him that he could help him, and extended his hand to shake. Severus did so, and immediately heard a click as a handcuff closed on his wrist. Sven introduced him as Officer Sven Hartson, and informed Severus that he was under arrest. Severus’s response was “Well officer, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen”, which led to a short-lived fight and Severus being brought into the house to wait for more officers. Sven called the station to have police come to take Severus in, and while he was out of the room Severus tried to escape his handcuffs, but only succeeded in cutting his hand. He asked Sven to check his pockets for his real ID, but Sven refused as it would probably just be a fake.

While they waited, Sven decided to talk to Severus. He asked why he was impersonating an Adeptus Arbite with a silenced hand-cannon, he looked more like an assassin. Severus told Sven he was with the Inquisition. Sven was skeptical, and asked why Severus was looking for Becca. Severus explained their mission. Sven just told him that they would see about that when they got to the station. He told Severus that he was either crazy, legitimately a member of the Inquisition, or a very good con-artist, and he was leaning toward the latter. Severus asked him if he would be willing to assist him if he was really Inquisition, and Sven was willing to discuss that while they waited for the police.

He told Severus that he met Becca when he had been fatally shot. A woman in her mid twenties appeared and healed him. When he woke up, the bullet was laying beside him. Severus wanted to know where he was going to be taken, and Sven told him they were going to the precinct where Arbite Anderson would determine his real identity. Severus asked which precinct, and Sven told him it was the 16th. The team had been listening to this over the microbead back at the flat, and this was their cue to head out. The doorbell at Sven’s house rang, and Sven was surprised the car was there so soon. he went to the door and realized the people there were not the police he called. The door blew up and 3 men in green camo barged in. Sven immediately grabbed Severus and their guns and led him out of the room. They rushed through the kitchen and out the back door, and once outside Officer Sven un-cuffed Severus and re-cuffed him so that his hands were in front of him. He told him to keep going, so Severus vaulted the fence. Severus shot at their attackers and followed him. They vaulted another fence and Severus was shot in the head, but his skull deflected the bullet and he was left with only a gash on his head. They kept running, turned a corner, and hit a dead end. Sven finally decided to give Severus his gun, telling him it was time to prove who he was. There was a shootout in the alley, and as Sven and Severus were starting to win, one of them fled down the alley, only to be cloths-lined by Haxtes, as the rest of the group had arrived.

There was a lot of shooting, and Luck shoved one of the men in the truck so they could question him later. The last of the men who was alive shot at Haxtes, accomplishing nothing because he had shot at Haxtes’ (metal) chest. Severus tried to shoot him in the hand, but his gun blew up and severely injured his hand. Zuriel tried to shoot the man with his las gun, missed, and accidentally shot Haxtes in the leg, leaving a bad scorch wound. Officer Sven shot the man in the leg twice, breaking it. Haxtes then crushed the man’s head with his mechadendrite and shot him repeatedly with his las gun, carbonizing him. As Haxtes and Zuriel were in close proximity when he did this, they were both burned. Luck was a bit traumatized by this incident and ran and hid. Severus and Sven put out the flames on Haxtes and Zuriel.


6 August 2013: A Shootout, a Hospital, and a Priest

Zuriel and Severus brought Luck back to the flat as the sun rose. Upon their arrival, the rest of the group, understandably, had a few questions about what happened. Haxtes showed them the recording from the servo-skull by way of explanation. Because Luck was now injured from her adventure at the club, it was decided that she would join the team heading to the hospital so they could kill two birds with one stone: she would make a good justification for their presence there, and they could get her patched up in the process.

Haxtes, Quintos, and Luck headed off to the hospital, and Zuriel, Severus and Miranda went to the Ecclesiarchy. Team Hospital arrived at the hospital, and sat in the waiting room (Haxtes, being too heavy for a chair, stood) until a nurse approached them. She asked if they were here to visit someone or if they needed help, then saw Luck’s injuries. Haxtes picked up the chair Luck was sitting in with his manipulator mechadendrite and asked the nurse where he should put her. The nurse was confused and alarmed to see him waving Luck around, and told him to put Luck down, so naturally, he dropped her and the chair on the ground, breaking the chair and further injuring Luck. Luck began yelling that she would sue the hospital, and loudly wishing that there was an alternative to this place. The nurse made a note to add the cost of the chair to their bill, and that the tech priest may have been the source of Luck’s injuries. She let them know that the doctor would be with them shortly and left. Haxtes had his servo-skull follow the nurse.

After a brief wait, the nurse returned and called Clarissa Pinkerman (the alias Luck had given her) back. Luck continued to complain about the hospital the whole way, still insisting that there must be something better than this for healthcare. Haxtes and Quintos followed her as her guardians. They were led to a room, and the nurse let them know that Doctor Bliss would be there in just a moment. As soon as she left the room, Haxtes used the terminal there to try to hack into the hospital’s network. He was successful, and was able to look through the patient history. The last person admitted to the hospital was a man named Daniel Shogen, who had arrived in police custody with a gunshot wound, although there was a note that police custody was to be removed due to a military override. He was more interested in the records relating to the miracle healings. These he stored in his brain, noting that most of those who had been healed lived in the poorer areas of the city near the shipping docks. Before he logged off, he deleted the nurse’s note that he might be the source of Luck’s injuries and transferred the cost of the chair to Mr. Shogen’s bill.

The doctor arrived and introduced himself as Dr. Jeremiah Bliss. He checked Luck’s injuries and asked about the nurse’s mention of possible abuse. Luck told him she was not comfortable talking to a male doctor about what had happened, so he told her he would get a female doctor and left. After a few minutes, a female doctor entered and told them her name was Dr. Rebecca Grace. Quintos’s interest was piqued by this, and he asked if she prefers to be called Rebecca or just Becca. She told him Rebecca would be fine. Haxtes informed her that the human female had become injured and required repair. The nurse acknowledged his astute observation, and examined Luck. She patched her up and asked what happened. Luck still was not comfortable discussing it and did not want to go to the police, so Dr. Grace offered to talk to her about what happened with the others out of the room, and when that offer was also declined, gave her a reference to speak to a therapist later. Luck thanked her and told her that her kindness had been a comfort to her, and the doctor remarked that the tech priest must not be much of a comfort. Quintos joked that sometimes you just need a mechadendrite to cry on, and the doctor laughed and showed them out. Once Quintos and Haxtes were out of the room, she handed Luck a card for an arms dealer. She thought it might be a good idea for Luck to be armed. After all, people in this area have been scared lately, and people do terrible things when scared. She told Luck to tell the dealer that Rebecca had sent her.

She asked to speak to Quintos for a moment, and wanted to know why he let Luck go to bars on her own when she’s so immature. He told her that he just met Luck and didn’t know she was going to go off on her own, so there wasn’t much he could have done to stop her. She realized at this point that they were off-worlders and advised them to stay away from the lower districts on the east side. There have been a lot of fanatics in that area, and last night there was a shootout in that part of town. The doctor suspected that Luck had been involved.

The three left the hospital, and saw three naval officers escorting the one-legged Daniel Shogen from the hospital. He glanced over and, noticing Luck, shouted, “Hey! That’s the bitch who got my leg!” One of the others asked “Are you sure, Danny?” and he confirmed that she was the one who had been at the club. Haxtes could see from his servo-skull that they were reaching for their weapons, so he pointed his las gun at them and told them to stop in the name of the Omnisiah. They raised their hands and asked if he knew that it’s a crime to threaten Imperial Officers. Haxtes acknowledged that was true, but countered that it is also a crime to threaten a tech priest of the Omnisiah.

He raised an alarm with his servo-skull, and the naval officers decided that it wasn’t worth it to get into a fight at the hospital. They took Danny to the car and left, saying that they would see Luck and the team later. Haxtes put away his gun and headed down the street to where a police officer was getting out of his car. The officer demanded to know why Haxtes had pulled a gun in front of a hospital, and by way of explanation, he played the video of what happened from the servo-skull, showing that the officers had been reaching for their weapons first. He then played the video from the night before at the club to give more context to the situation. The officer took down Daniel Shogen’s name and told them that he would make sure they got him off the streets. With that, the team from the hospital headed home.

While all this was happening, Zuriel, Severus, and Miranda were at the Ecclesiarchy. Before they headed out, they asked Cigargent about their contact there. His name was Father Zachariah, and Cigargent had known him for years. Father Zachariah was a no-nonsense former guard. Cigargent gave the group headed to the Ecclesiarchy a Terran cigar, telling them to be careful with it because it is “quality shit”. They would Father Zachariah the cigar so that he would know they had been sent by the Inquisitor. With the information and the cigar, the team headed to the church.

They arrived as a service was ending, and were greeted by a friar. He asked if they were there looking for someone, or if they needed somewhere quiet to contemplate. They told him they were looking for Father Zachariah, and the friar asked them to wait while he rests after the service, but the Father would be happy to speak with them. While they waited, Mirada prayed and lit votive candles at the saints’ shrines. They waited for about twenty minutes, then a seventy year old, six foot tall man in an impressive robe approached them.

Zuriel gave him the cigar Cigargent had given them, and the Father was surprised and pleased to see the gift. He explained that it was Terran, and that he had been trying to figure out where the Inquisitor was getting them for years. He had tried asking Cigargent (who hates being called that, and is only tolerating it because the Inquisitor won’t let him kill them), but could never get a straight answer.

He led us to his personal quarters in a separate building, and asked Zuriel to hand him a rosewood box next to the desk. From the box he removed a cigar cutter which he used on the cigar. There was a bit more small talk before he told us what he knew about the situation with the healer. Apparently, about six months ago rumors began spreading of a healer named Becca. The Father does not know where to find her, as none of his contacts have actually seen her. They do know who some of her followers are, however. Avis Sinclair is one of the lieutenants in the group of followers who call themselves The Companions. They view themselves as the protectors of a new saint. As for Becca herself, all that is known for certain is that she is young, she is not from this world, and she is very talented.

The reason her description is so vague is simple: everyone has described her differently. One man described a young, blonde, pale woman healing him, while another described a black woman. Others who were healed had completely different descriptions. The only characteristic that remained the same across all the descriptions was her eyes: they were consistently described as bright yellow, almost gold, like a wolf’s eyes. Because of her constantly changing appearance, it was possible that she might be a psyker or a mutant.

Father Zachariah told us that the people who had been healed were consistently those who lived in the workers’ districts, the poor, run-down east side of the city near the seaport. That part of town had been ruined economically when the spaceport opened. He gave the group a list of names, addresses, and the nature of the wounds healed for each of the people he knew of. He told them he would stay in contact with them, and asked them to find out where Dmitri gets his cigars.

Zuriel, Severus, and Miranda headed back to flat 118 and the whole team discussed what they had learned. After everyone was filled in, Zuriel asked about the cigars. Cigargent was amused that Father Zachariah was still wondering about that, and told us where they came from. The Inquisitor owns a plantation on Luna, at the orbital defense station. Each cigar is worth 10,000 gelt, but since the Inquisitor has plenty of money he does not mind giving so many of them to Cigargent.

The group decided to rest and prepare to investigate the east side of town the next day. There was one dissenting voice: Luck. She wanted to go out at night because “everything happens at night”, and they were losing valuable research time by staying in. Severus countered that if she does things during the day, things will happen in the day, too. Haxtes stood in front of the door to prevent her from leaving.

Zuriel read through the documents Father Zachariah gave him, and Miranda joined him to ask if he had found anything useful. He had noticed that the people who had been healed were often easily malleable targets such as drug addicts. These people were looking for someone to save them, and it seemed they had found that in Becca.

In the morning, the whole group (except Cigargent) headed to the workers’ district. They could smell the coast, which was overwhelming to Zuriel who had never smelled it before. The place looked like it had seen better days. They went straight to Avis’s address, and on the way, Haxtes decided to fix flickering lights. He went into the basement of one building and used percussive maintenance to accomplish this. When they arrived at Avis Sinclair’s address, they knocked on the door and Haxtes announced them as “hookers and blow”. The man inside answered that they must be ugly hookers, then, so the others told him they had a few questions.

At this, the man decided to flee through the window, and jumped on a neighboring rooftop. Haxtes tried to grab him with his mechadendrite and missed, Severus tried to shoot him, and Quintos tried to set him on fire. After all of them failed, Severus and Miranda gave chase. Miranda misjudged the distance to the next rooftop and fell, so Haxtes caught her and tossed her onto the roof. While they chased the man, Haxtes shot at him and successfully hit his leg, melting part of his thigh. Severus moved to tackle him, and the man shot at his left leg, glancing it but not seriously injuring him. Severus grappled with him and was able to get him to the ground, knocking his pistol away. Severus and Avus took him down to the street through the building they were on.

Once everyone was back on the street, they stood outside the truck talking to the man they had captured. He was uncooperative, believing that it would have been stupid not to jump out the window when they told him they had questions for him. Quintos was irritated with the man’s unwillingness to cooperate, and showed him his tattoo branding him as a psyker, whispering in his ear that he would light him on fire. All the while, Miranda kept suggesting that they take the man back to flat 118 to ask him questions, as there was a crowd gathering. Haxtes finally agreed with her, and the rest of the group conceded that might be a good idea. Haxtes restrained the man in the back of the truck, and the group headed back to the flat.

Dark Heresy 2.0

Hi everyone,

The Prophet would like to clarify a few things after the introduction of the 2.0 beta last session. First of all, you DO NOT need to remake your entire character for the new system unless you want to. Just add 5 to all characteristics and roll up an Influence characteristic (2d10 + 25). And remember, as of last session we all have 1000 experience. If you have any questions about the new system, send him a message.

30 July 2013: Spaceports, Chickens, and Clubbing

We began this session in orbit around Drelia, on the embarkation deck of the Seeker of the Damned. Cigargent lead the way off the ship. Zuriel continued to read the book he’s been reading on our journey, which the Inquisitor has allowed him to keep. The book was a history of Drelia, and Zuriel learned some useful information from it. The planet’s main industries are logging and mining, and it has six major cities. Dario’s Landing is the major trade center and only spaceport.

The team embarked on a shuttle to the planet. On the way, Zuriel read his book in one corner, and Miranda sat with her new gun in the other corner. She had acquired this weapon when she wandered into the armory of the ship. Cigargent slept on the way, smoking all the while. It was a quick, quiet voyage, only Luck was interested in conversing.

We passed over the planets’ forests on our descent and landed in the city. As soon as we left the shuttle, Zuriel was overwhelmed by the smell of trees and the stillness of the ground, having spent his entire life aboard a ship. He fainted from the shock, but Severus managed to catch him. Cigargent explained that it is common for Voidborns to react this way when they land on a planet for the first time and pushed him off the ship. Zuriel managed to catch himself and landed unharmed.

Cigargent lead us to into the city, and we were greeted by the port’s customs agent. We explained our staves and weapons to customs by claiming that we were all very bad at walking, noting Zuriel’s collapse as evidence. Haxtes showed him his Arbiter ID, and the customs officer, still suspicious, asked for our names. Cigargent informed the agent that he did not need to know our names, and to emphasize this, handed him an envelope full of cash. He let the officer know that we’re here for business, and to not ask questions. The officer complied happily.

We eventually got to the truck, where the driver handed Cigargent the keys, saluted, and left. Cigargent drove and Luck sat shotgun. Everyone else sat in the back. On the way, Cigargent described the locale to the group. The city is actually relatively small, with about 3,500-4,000 permanent residents. However, on any given day there are about 20,000 passing through.

Luck and Miranda noticed a farmers’ market and at their request the group stopped. Cigargent stayed with the truck while the others got out to begin their investigation and buy some food for dinner. Severus asked around about Becca, with moderate success. He learned that she lives outside the city and is not always around, but he did not mention this to the others. Luck and Miranda bought some local food to try and three space chickens for dinner. Miranda tried to get more information about Becca while buying the food, but didn’t make any progress. When we got back in our truck with our food and three live space chickens, Haxtes’ servo-skull killed one.

We continued on to an apartment building, and Cigargent got the keys to flat 118, which turned out to be the entire second floor. We entered the apartment and settled in. Luck and Miranda put the food in the kitchen., Haxtes went back to working on his cyber puppy, and his servo-skull assisted. It was determined that someone had to kill the remaining chickens. Luck was opposed to doing it herself and threatened to put them in the fridge until they suffocate unless someone else killed them, so Haxtes bludgeons them to death. Zuriel cleaned the chickens. While Luck and Miranda began cooking dinner, Severus checked the flat’s security and believed everything to be fine. The servo-skull also did a sweep and found that everything was secure but there were cables (alarm switches) in the windows which fed into a security system. Cigargent had been looking at his briefcase while the others did this, and called everyone over to hand out disguise kits and five false identities for everyone. He advised us not to rely on them, but use if necessary.

Luck and Miranda cooked dinner successfully this time, and the group had roast chicken and mushrooms with fruit salad. It was agreed that dinner was delicious. Over dinner the group discussed their plans to track down the healer. It was suggested we start at the Ecclesiarchy, which had reported the healer to us in the first place. Another possible source of information was hospitals: they would have records if patients were suddenly showing up with fully intact limbs that had been missing at their last visit, and may even be referring some of their patients to the healer. Severus mentioned to the group at this point that she lives outside the city. The group concocted a plan to ask around at hospitals and the Ecclesiarchy and then find or create a sick or injured person to get us close to her.

It was determined that it would be most efficient to split into two teams, Haxtes and Quintos would go to the hospital, and  Severus, Zuriel, and Miranda would to the Ecclesiarchy. This investigation would begin in the morning, as it was getting late. Luck, however, took it upon herself to retrieve an injured person for the group, and while the rest of the group slept, she and Haxtes’ servo-skull, Octus, set out to do so.

She decided to go to a club, and immediately began flirting with a young patron of the club. She used the pick up line “How’s your feaver?” and the somewhat inebriated man confusedly asked her what she was talking about. She explained “You just look hot to me.” Somehow this line worked, and he bought her a drink. After making some small talk, she decided to move on and find a different victim, but he grabbed her wrist. She yelled for help, and someone shot him in the chest with a bolt pistol. Luck fainted from the shock of seeing the man’s chest explode, and when she woke up, a man was standing over her asking if she was alright. He was wearing an Imperial naval uniform. She panicked, and the man explained that he saw the guy attacking her and helped out.

He tried to get Luck to leave with him, but she refused. He forcibly got her to her feet, and she tried to break his kneecap, but instead flailed at him and missed. She informed him she was not going anywhere with him, and he told her that was too bad, he rescued her. She felt that did not entitle him to anything, but he disagreed. He backhanded her and bruised her cheek. She tried to hit him in the head, but missed and somehow broke the corpse’s nose instead. He punched her in the shoulder, leaving a gash. By now the club was empty other than them and the corpse. Luck got out her knife and tried to stab him, but dropped the knife.

By this point, Severus was hearing everything that was happening over his microbead, and grabbed Zuriel to go help Luck. At the club the man had picked up Luck’s knife and tried to stab her, but missed. At this point she decided to use her staff, hoping it would be a bit more successful, but instead she just awkwardly flailed with it. He tried to stab her and instead cut her robe open. She landed a blow with her staff as he did so, though, and hit him hard in the chest, sending him reeling.

Severus and Zuriel arrived on the scene, and sirens were sounding in the distance. Severus shot the man in the leg, shredding it from the hip down and causing the man to pass out from pain. Severus searched him for ID and weapons and took an ID stating that his name is Daniel Shogen and a bolt pistol with with one clip of ammunition. Zuriel bandaged Luck’s wound and they left the scene. Severus stayed behind with the injured man and the corpse to explain the situation to the police.

The officers arrived on the scene and told Severus to freeze. He showed them one of his false IDs, and informed them he was a Justicar and had the situation under control. They were confused by his presence there, but believed him. He demanded that the man be patched up and returned to his custody once he could be moved. He explained that the man was meant to be assisting him, and that he had gotten drunk and attempted to rape one of his other associates. The murder victim was a random bystander. Severus would be disciplining the wounded man himself once he was returned to his custody. The police bought his story and took the man to the hospital.

23 July 2013: It Begins

We begin on a cruiser called the Seeker of the Damned. We were brought into a conference room with a round table in the center. The table had seven seats, and we each had one labeled for us. We noticed an orange glow in the corner as we take our seats.

Once we were all seated,  the door to the side of the room opened and a well dressed man walked in and introduced himself as Inquisitor Dmitri Kuperov. He greeted us and explained why we were there, and what our assignment is.

We’re being sent to the Sinofian System, specifically the main space port of Drelia. We’ll be investigating claims that there is a miracle healer at this port. Our assignment is to determine her legitimacy, and find out if she is an unsanctioned psyker. We asked Inquisitor Kuperov a few questions to have more context for our investigation. The information we have starting off is this: Her name is Becca. She has something of a following, and the Inquisitor believes that they will put up resistance to our investigation. They believe her to be some sort of prophet. The incident which brought the healer Becca to the Inquisition’s attention was fairly recent. There was a shipping accident in which one of the cargo servitors went berserk and ripped off a man’s arm. The man’s arm was reattached by the healer.

As we are all new acolytes, the Inquisitor is not sending us alone. He is sending one of his more experienced acolytes, Sigusmund Harris, to assist and advise us. From the shadowy corner where we noticed the orange glow upon entering, a man emerged. He had a cigar in his mouth, and did not remove it to speak. The Inquisitor told us that he is affectionately known as “Cigargent”, although he immediately objected to the nickname.

He told us the name of the city where Becca has been reported to operate: Dario’s Landing. Cigargent will be our main source of help on this mission, as our Inquisitor has other matters to attend to: there is an arms dealer specializing in Tau weapons which he has been trying to track down. We are to report to him with any updates on this mission, and anything else we may uncover, but he will not necessarily respond to our reports immediately as he will be busy.

We were still in transit, and would be traveling through the warp for about a week. In the meantime, Luck enjoyed the forest in the oxygen chamber, Zuriel caught up on reading in the library, and Haxtes built a robo-dog with sufficiently floppy ears.

During this week, there was only one incident of note: Luck and Miranda tried to cook dinner, and Miranda, being from a monastery where only wood-burning stoves are used, managed to set dessert on fire. Haxtes put the fire out promptly, but Miranda spent the rest of dinner sulking about her mistake. Severus decided that he wanted to eat in the ventilation ducts, which Luck objected to. She attempted to stop him, but he managed to get past her, although he spilled most of the food in the process. While eating in the ducts, Severus made a snide remark about Miranda’s mistake, and she tried to knock him out of the vent with her staff.

This turned out to be a mistake. Miranda misjudged her strength, and the staff punched a hole straight through the shaft, hitting the control panel which set the ventilation system to suck all of the oxygen out of the chamber, a feature which would be very effective for its intended purpose (putting out fires), but which was now endangering the lives of everyone who had been eating dinner. Severus managed to escape the duct, and he and the others, except for Zuriel and Quintos, all realized the danger and fled the room. Zuriel was so engulfed in the book he was reading that he doesn’t notice anything was wrong until he began having difficulty breathing, and Quintos had zoned out. None of the others noticed that those two had not made it out, but as soon as Quintos realized something was wrong, he and Zuriel fled the room as well.

Zuriel was so disturbed by the fact that no one had attempted to save him during this incident that he immediately fled to his room. Haxtes went to work fixing the control panel so that the room would be re-oxygenated. Miranda spent the rest of the voyage sulking.

The rest of the week went by, and eventually we left the warp and landed on Drelia. Next session will pick up from here.


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